Thirty before 30


I compiled a list of Thirty things I want to achieve before I turned 30 years old (that’s in April 2015). It’s a work in progress with some long term, some short term tasks on the list. Get into it, volunteer to help. It’ll be fun.

1. Do a road trip of Australia with a car load of friends (ahem, sign up here).
2. Go to the Arctic and/or Antarctic.
3. Have a crack at stand-up comedy.
4. Learn how to roast my own coffee.
5. Be a publisher (or editor or boss lady).
6. Disappear for a while.
7. Walk a long, long distance over a long weekend.
8. Cook a really fancy pants dinner for eight or more of my friends (and no, those chocolate pots won’t be on the menu. Banoffee may be.) Doneski! 18th of June 2011 in Manchester.
9. Go to a silent disco. Done! 7th of August 2010, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
10. Get another tattoo.
11. Go to Russia.
12. Create a photography camp with my friends, to teach young people good photo skills.
13. Write, produce and film a project with John, Scott, Jayne et al.
14. Hold a Drinking Game film festival.
15. Spend a night in an alternative cover band / supergroup. The set list would include (but not be limited to) Powderfinger, The Whitlams, Phoenix, Placebo, The Swell Season and, and, and.
16. Hire a bouncy castle. Not invite children to bounce.
17. Design, create and wear a dress.
18. Skinny dip in the Indian Ocean.
19. Read all the Popular Penguin  books. (In progress)
20. Cause a scene in a public place.
21. Spend a day being entirely frivolous.
22. Hold an entire conversation using only quotes from The West Wing, Mad Men, Gilmore Girls or Zoolander.
23. Destroy something… yes I know that’s not descriptive enough.
24. Play Goon of Fortune.
25. Create my own pub quiz.
26. Spend a day being ambiguous about my nationality, ie. Not sounding Australian.
27. Live in Melbourne.
28. Enter the Miss Priscilla competition at the Parkes Elvis Festival.
29. Be interesting enough to be interviewed.  (Done. August 2011 with two ill-timed phone interviews to Australia about all the riot palaver happening in Manchester.)
30. Do bog laps of the Fremantle Cappucino Strip (or other like road) with the car stereo blasting some 1960s tunes. And not look in the least bit embarrassed.


9 thoughts on “Thirty before 30

  1. Ivy Blaise says:

    LOL! Sounds like a fun list 🙂

  2. Hmmmm I think its time to get moving on point 5 . . . . . No time like the present !

  3. kimnola says:

    I’m loving your list and feeling inspired to create my own

  4. Just say the word and I will help out on 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, 13 (obviously), 14, 15 (we can start our own), 16, 20, 22 (if we can widen the range of quotes), 23, 25, 26, 30… and I am sure we can rope Clare into most of them… obviously you being in Perth will make alot of them quite a bit easier to do…

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