What I’ve learnt in 2012 #9: not alone

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January 24, 2012 by jessperriam

There’s that feeling you get when you’ve made a momentous (or even a not-so momentous) leap into something.

It goes a little something like this: you’ve spent hours and hours on a plane going somewhere incredibly exciting. And once you’ve made the flight or train ride, reached your destination and you’re getting ready to sleep. And you realise you’re not where you normally are. Then the pit of your stomach just disappears or lurches somewhere it never normally does.

I describe it as feeling wonky. Or at least wonky is my descriptor of choice this week.

If you give into the wonky feeling, it can overwhelm you. Dry retching, anyone?

I was explaining it to some friends as I’m making some fairly momentous plans for later in the year.

And they said, ‘Oh yeah, I understand what you mean about feeling wonky. I get that too.’

Another said, ‘Yeah, I get that feeling on the bus from Glasgow to Inverness every time I go back to Scotland.’

Both are ladies I would describe as fairly seasoned travellers. As in they each do at least two long haul flights each and every year.


Never in my 26 years on this planet had I ever known anyone who similarly felt this ‘wonky’ about embarking on a new journey.

But now, twice in a week, I’ve been slowly reassured that to feel wonky – however that may present itself – is perfectly normal.

And I suppose it all comes down to self-preservation, the wonky feeling makes us aware of our new surroundings, of potential predators. Even if they may just be lurking in the corners of our minds.

We can take on the world, be an explorer and feel a little bit wonky about it too.

Hey, you wouldn’t be alone.


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