What I’ve learnt in 2012 #1: Omelettes


January 1, 2012 by jessperriam

Hi there. Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be awesome. I should know, it was the first new year’s eve in ages where I haven’t been working or a little bit emo.

I’m dead excited for this year and that’s due to the fact that however it turns out, the plan is to have learn a lot. Some of that may be academic, other things may just be life skillz (yes, with a ‘z’).

So I think this year’s general blogging motif will be sharing with you what I’ve learnt. The first one is a corker.

If 2012 is year of learning then amongst other things, 2011 was the year of learning to love eggs. Yep. Learning to love eating eggs. I had spent the previous 26 years positively phobic of poached eggs, boiled eggs, omelettes and quiche. A weekend in France fixed that because let’s face it: everything tastes better in France.

So today, New Year’s Day I cooked my very first omelette:

Close up of omelette with spinach, bacon and cheese

And as far as omelette cookery is considered, it was easier than expected. And more delicious than expected.

I used the taste.com.au recipe for Bacon and Cheese Omelettes and added a generous handful to spinach because leafy greens are good for you.

Omelettes where have you been all my life?


3 thoughts on “What I’ve learnt in 2012 #1: Omelettes

  1. eazylstra says:

    Omelettes are amazing! I recommend adding mushrooms and a bit of chilli.

  2. Carol Perriam says:

    I did try but you were not in the omelette or egg eating frame of mind back then,and what about all the delicious home made egg and bacon pies you wouldn’t eat.

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