Last minute POS preparations

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November 30, 2011 by jessperriam

I’m going to have my writing cut out for me this December! I’ve already confirmed 12 letters will be making their way to places across the world. Seven of those are going to the UK, five of those seven are going to the same neighbourhood.  Totally not complaining. Although I fear they may compare notes, literally! Letters are also heading to the US and Singapore so at this rate I’ll need to stock up on more international stamps.

Most of you haven’t had an Operation POS letter before. So here’s what you might expect:

  • Errors – my brain goes faster than my hand. I quite often miss out words when I’m writing.
  • Stream of consciousness – I just write what comes to my head. For the most part, that’s nice. Sometimes it’s bizarre. Sometimes I’ll describe my breakfast. Other times I might describe the people sitting near me at the cafe. Most of the time I’ll just gush about how nice you are.
  • A bit of context – I include a slip of paper about where I’m at the day I wrote your letter. It gives you an idea of why I’m writing the way I am that particular day.
  • Coffee cup rings – most of the time I’ll be having a coffee or tea while I’m writing.
  • A pleasant homemade surprise – in 2010 I enclosed a photo from my travels, this year it’s something different.

I’m excited. This is genuinely my new favourite Christmas tradition (in addition to watching It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve). It’s one worth keeping up.

There are still places left if you’d like a surprise in your letterbox (or door if you’re in the UK) for Christmas. You don’t have to know me well (or at all!) to feel like you deserve a letter. But you do need to send me your address so I can send the letter on its merry way.

First letter is heading interstate to Canberra tomorrow. Hip hip hooray!


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