The Return of Operation POS

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November 28, 2011 by jessperriam

Hello Poppets!

Well my month long odyssey with felt moustaches and gingerbread chaps is almost over.

So that means it’s almost December.

Which surely must mean it’s almost Christmas.

And in turn, I’m reinstating Operation POS. That’s Operation Piss Off Santa, for those playing at home.

POS is my month of writing a Christmas letter a day to someone, anyone. It started last year when I’d just returned to Perth after travelling and I was far too skint to buy people proper presents. So I wrote them a letter with a lovely, exotic photo attached.  

These letters went to far flung places like Albania, the Faroe Islands, USA, New Zealand and… Queensland.

POS is warm and fuzzy about a few things:

  • Reinstating the good old-fashioned letter as a means of communication.
  • Reconnecting with people, or even connecting with people for the first time. Telling them how much you appreciate them (and maybe some home truths too).
  • Rejecting the stocking stuffer style Christmas by giving something with meaning.

I managed to write the full 31 letters last December and I intend to get writer’s cramp again this year.

Want a letter? You want a letter. My letters are lovely. Sometimes they have breakfast or coffee smudged on them.  You don’t need to know me personally to get a letter but chances are if I know you, I’ll get all mushy and sentimental.

Here’s how you get a letter:

1. Leave a comment in the (moderated) comments box below with your address in it.


send me a message on Facebook


send me a DM on Twitter


send me an email (jperriam AT gmail DOT com)

2. I will write you a letter. You may be unlucky and be number 31. Don’t be sad if you don’t get a letter until the New Year.

Please get in early – I’ve met a lot of people this year and I expect to fill all 31 places rather quickly. If spots fill up, I may give priority to those who weren’t written to last in Operation POS 2010.


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