One exciting thing


October 23, 2011 by jessperriam

So apart from the fact that I baked sweet potato brownies today, I have something exciting to tell you.

I’m taking part in Movember.

Yes, that Movember where you grow facial hair for a month.

Except I’m a little lady and I don’t fancy taking testosterone for the sake of some giggles.

So I’ve crafted some felt moustaches and come up with some great ideas for mo’ related blog posts for the month of November. Or the month of Movember whatever. It’ll culminate with a soiree with distinct facial hair theme that you should all come along to if you’re in sunny Perth. There’ll be more details about that in the next week or so.

So why am I willing to make a fool of myself with felt moustaches for a month?

A few reasons:

1. Sibling rivalry

My bro is taking part in Movember. But he has facial hair for most of the year anyway so the act of shaving in order to grow the mo is going to be the amusement there.

2. We don’t talk enough about man cancers and depression.

At the moment it’s October – that pink month for breast cancer and everything is pink.  There are feature stories on TV, in magazines, in the newspaper about being aware about breast cancer. And believe me, I’m aware.

But men’s health isn’t talked about as much and I’m not the one to start talking about the nitty gritty of that (mostly because I have no knowledge of such things). But I hope that if you’re a man seeing a lady wearing a faux mo, you’ll think if she’s crazy enough to do that, then talking to a GP about man cancers or other aspects of wellbeing isn’t that crazy.

3. It’s a good cause.

It just is. Funds raised go to the Movember Foundation who then distribute the funds to BeyondBlue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. You can donate to me (and team Curtin University) at my MoSpace.

And just so you know I’m serious, here’s a pic of me with a faux mo. Drawing a moustache with eyeliner is harder than it looks. But it totally makes my eyes pop 🙂

Jess with a moustached drawn in eyeliner

Symmetry is hard to achieve with an eyeliner mo'


One thought on “One exciting thing

  1. claredy says:

    Dag 🙂
    Im so comming to your Movember party!!

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