September 16, 2011 by jessperriam

“You have a secret blog, don’t you?” was the accusation leveled at me.

“Uh… no?! I’m too lazy to keep up one blog let alone another secret blog.”

Truth be told I’ve been unapologetically steering clear of blogging for the past month or so. That was mostly because the past month of my life has been a changeable feast with an added transcontinental flight back to Perth. Bonus!

It doesn’t make for exciting reading to blog about not knowing whether this is the week you’re staying in or leaving the place you’ve made home. Or being so stressed about it all your face is peeling. Yeah, too much info but thems the breaks, amigos.

I wanted the reverse culture shock to settle down. It hasn’t.

I didn’t want to be that girl, tears making splotches on the keyboard, talking about how I was so sad about leaving Manchester that I cried through the entire car trip from Perth Airport to my parents’ place.

I don’t want to describe how I’m in denial about being in Perth, so much so that I refuse to acknowledge any long term suggestions about me and Perth past a month or so.

I probably shouldn’t tell you that when I broke my foot just days after arriving in Perth, my first angry thoughts were: ‘This wouldn’t have happened if I were in Manchester right now.’  Truth be told, there would have been more opportunity for it to happen over the course of my life as a pedestrian in Manchester.

To be honest nothing much is happening. I went from Manchester – where I was searching for meaningful employment but ended up with a meaningful life – back to Perth where I found meaningful employment straight away but also felt immediately adrift and disconnected.

I know… feelings… first world problems.


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  1. Phil Kan says:

    Hey Jess,

    having experienced reverse culture shock in a big way, I can really relate. Alice and I lived in The Netherlands for 7 years before returning to Australia. I hesitate to call it home. The loss, the new adventures you’re not really sure you want, the bewilderment as why you’ve done what you’ve done, if it really had to be that way. Its all very familiar.

    Just know that you are now different. Having lived overseas, even if just for a short time, you’ve an experience probably few of your peers have had. Seek out those that can relate – that either expats to Australia, or returned expats like yourself – and just be with them. They’ll get it, I promise.

    And feelings? Not a first world problem. Not even a problem. Part of being human. Part of that continual journey of learning who you are.

  2. Therese says:

    Have you thought about Sydney or Melbourne as staging posts? As a Mancunian myself I would say that nowhere else is as friendly. But I have no plans to go back. I’ll always miss the place though.

    Perth is a lovely city and the houses are big. There’s open space and very little deprivation. It has it’s compensations but it is somewhat dull. Conventional, I suppose. Still, there’s a lot to be said for it.

    • jessperriam says:

      I’ve considered Melbourne as somewhere to eventually live but Sydney’s never really interested me. I’m committed to be in Perth for the next few months for work but my Dad says I’m a gypsy – I’m happy to live up to that 🙂

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