The in between


August 1, 2011 by jessperriam

It seems to be a feature of recent blog posts to preface them with “I’ve not blogged recently but…”

And then insert a lame explanation about how life has been so busy here in monsoonal Manchester.

Which it has, but it’s not the excuse I’m peddling out today.

The last few weeks I’ve been staring at the possibility of moving back to Perth. The scenario has been find a  job in Manchester before mid-August or bust.

I booked a very flexible flight home to Perth and applied for a great job in Manchester within the same 24 hour period. Confusing, right?

I’ve been fortunate – the right jobs and the right interviews have come up at the right time (or the eleventh hour, it would seem). But the expected notification date of the outcome and the date of the flight fall very close to one another. I still don’t know where I will be in two weeks time. I’m planning a party – I’m not sure what for though.

I would love the opportunity to stay in Manchester, work in a profession that I love and continue to deepen friendships built over the past eight months. There is still so much to do.

However if that’s not the case and I go back to Australia – further study is a likely option. A lack of work over the last few months has meant my brain has been craving stimulation.

So what would be a constant in either scenario?


If I stay in Manchester, I get to participate in a wonderful, close-knit, accepting, welcoming community. I get to learn and grow with close friends and show hospitality to newcomers. I am constantly reminded of how much of a good thing I have here in Manchester.

If I go back to Perth, I get the opportunity to build, forge and develop a community in a city that is notorious for its residents cloistering themselves off in the suburbs, unwilling or perhaps afraid to get to know their neighbours. The opportunity to take what I’ve learnt from Manchester and graft it into wherever I end up living is an exciting thought. I get to lean back into old friendships, celebrate new ones, spend bulk time with family.

It’s good to be faced with the prospect of two very viable options. My mind can clearly imagine and be joyful at the thought of either. But the excitement of the two means I’m setting myself up for certain joy. And certain sadness.

So this is the week or so of the in between where I just have give in, lift my hands up and away from the situation in faith that the right outcome will occur.

I’ll let you know the outcome – but either way it’ll be good.


One thought on “The in between

  1. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the nature of seasons in life. And, particularly, how from the vantage point of one season, you commonly can’t anticipate when the next season will begin, or what it will look like. I think in your case the former may not apply so much (the When), because of the nature of the turning point; but the uncertainty whilst you wait is such a common feature of our lives, isn’t it!

    I’ll pray that you can wait well. Exciting, either way.

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