Number eight


June 23, 2011 by jessperriam

(I realise by titling this post ‘Number eight’, I may inadvertently have a fair few of you thinking of that Simpsons episode where Homer and a few others form a Beatles-esque band, complete with Barney getting a Yoko Ono style girlfriend who convinces him to do a track consisting solely of her saying ‘number eight’ and him belching.)

…and end brackets!

But this has nothing to do with The Simpsons and everything to do with my Thirty Before 30 list.

8. Cook a really fancy pants dinner for eight or more of my friends (and no, those chocolate pots won’t be on the menu. Banoffee may be.)

Last weekend my housemate and I hosted an epic dinner party with nine of our friends.

We cooked up a storm, had great conversations and a fun time.

But also the food? It was delicious. I took a few photos but they’re downstairs, so they’ll be added later. But here’s a menu:


Rocket, spinach and lettuce salad with pan roasted peppers (capsicum for the Aussies), cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pine nuts with a creamy mushroom sauce on top.


Roast lemon and orange chicken with root vegetable mash, petit pois, roast mushrooms and stuffed baked mushrooms wrapped in bacon.

(let me hit the pause button for just one second to tell you how incredibly delicious these baked onions were. They were simmered for a while then hollowed out. The bits that were pulled out were finely chopped and mixed with generous lashings of Parmesan, cream and rosemary. The onions were then stuffed with this glorious mixture, wrapped with bacon and baked. Yum!)


Homemade apple and raisin strudel, served with cream.

Homemade chocolate pots, served with cream and homemade raspberry coulis.

(I know, I know. In the list it said I wouldn’t serve chocolate pots but these ones came from a different recipe)

Rachel and I were heartily congratulated for our culinary efforts. Which is good because we both love cooking and we would be distraught if people said we were rubbish at it.

This being Britain there were generous lashings of tea afterwards. Perfect. I sense there will be more of this dinner party shenanigans sometime in the near future.


One thought on “Number eight

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    That sounds like the perfect way to share with friends. I hope you had a good wine or two to go with the meal.

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