One day, many lessons


June 8, 2011 by jessperriam

Today presented an opportunity to learn many lessons.  Here’s what I gleaned from less than 24 hours on a random Wednesday in Manchester:
  • If you pray, you’ll get an answer. Normally not as swiftly as you’d like. Sometimes, it’s rapid. Today was rapid.
  • When it rains, it pours. In Manchester, this is literal phrase, not a euphemism.
  • Just when you think the rain has stopped, the clouds probably have a little something left in their reserves.
  • Hail hurts when you’re walking quickly in a hailstorm.
  • Trees don’t give much shelter from rain. Nor do umbrellas. Besides, shouldn’t you never use an umbrella in a thunderstorm?
  • Providence is amazing. When given the choice between insubstantial trees and a dilapidated garage which happens to be open, take the garage.
  • Even when there’s an old man with a very broad northern accent working on a car that you don’t notice for a few minutes – take the garage.
  • Just when you think the hail has stopped, the storm clouds probably still have a little something left in the reserves. I’ve already said this, right?
  • Honesty is the best policy. Hard policy, but the best policy.
  • Fear is normal.
  • You know that platitude in The Sound of Music about closing doors and opening windows? It’s true. Julie Andrews was right about something.
  • Providence really is divine and well-timed.
What have you learnt today?

5 thoughts on “One day, many lessons

  1. Jacob Black says:

    Cryptic post is cryptic. (Mostly.)
    Skype session needed.

  2. Did you get any dramatic photos of your escapade?

    These are the lessons of the day for me:

    Bodies know your limits better than minds do;
    Living in a community where each person takes joy in caring for others, contrary to their own convenience or interests, is normative and beautiful;
    We are fragile, and so need to ask for a consciousness of our finiteness, that we might better savour the mundane moments of each day;
    That waiting for seemingly indefinite periods of time lends the opportunity to wait faithfully and exercise muscles of your character that don’t often get used in a culture of immediate gratification;
    That ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ is overwhelmingly lovely; and
    That s51(ii) of the Constitution is more interesting than it first seems.

    Thanks for making me reflect!

  3. jessperriam says:

    s51(ii) of the Constitution… is that the separation of State and Federal powers? I always forget. It was important a long time ago.
    Bodies do know their limits, but your mind always disregards it. That’s how adventures (and pain) happen.
    Living in my Moss Side community is the single best thing that has happened this year – it’s constant blessing, friendship and fun.

    All good lessons!

    • s51(ii) = gives the Commonwealth Parl power to legislate with respect to taxation. Riveting, eh?
      Agreed. Here’s what I think: There’s need for discretion between what is fear-filled self-preservation and what is wise attentiveness to the body, so that you can be more effective to more people. Pursuit of adventures at expense of well-being can be just as selfish as playing it safe all the time if the former leaves you burnt out and dependent.

      Tell me about Moss Side!

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