Off to France


May 26, 2011 by jessperriam

I’m sitting on my bed, waiting to go to the pub. My backpack is packed in record time and I’m ready to head to France for the bank holiday weekend.

Packing my backpack felt like the most natural thing ever. Rolling my clothes, placing things I’ll use last at the bottom, things I’ll use first at the top. It’s a rhythm that felt natural, normal, like second nature.

I miss it: me, my backpack and the world.

This evening I’ll spend time with my Moss Siders at The Claremont. I’ll stay at my friends’ place because they live closer to the bus stop I need to wait at very early the next morning.

Then at 7am, I take to the skies, the Icelandic volcano hasn’t thwarted my plans for a weekend with my French family.

I get to meet my friends’ baby for the first time, I get to eat and eat and eat the best food that Alsace has to offer – flammekuechechoucroute, spätzle, beer and wine. Nom. Oh and I’m going to see Elton John in concert as well.

I love Manchester and I love that it feels like home but I’m not-so secretly glad to have this little break to explore, catch up and eat!

Yes, I’ll take pictures. Yes, I’ll send postcards.

À bientôt!


6 thoughts on “Off to France

  1. Mandy Pink says:

    Have a great time Jess!!!

  2. Carol Perriam says:

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy the great company you will be sharing all that food and beverage with, give them all our love . Mum

  3. Jacob Black says:

    I dare you to throw something inappropriate at Elton John.

  4. lauren says:

    ooh you ate spatzle! memories of the food we ate in adelong *love*

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