Backside kicked


May 5, 2011 by jessperriam

I know it’s serious when someone says, “I have a bone to pick with you, I keep checking your blog at 10am every day just after I told my colleague his work is rubbish… and you haven’t written anything in ages!”

Yes, there’s been a lack of written goodies from my corner. In the beginning it was because I had didn’t have much to write about. My life was drinking coffee and talking to people and as nice as that lifestyle was, most of the time it doesn’t make for excellent reading.

And then I got work.

And working full time takes away your days and leaves you exhausted at night. But hey, a girl’s got to live (in Manchester) so work it is.

But here’s a quick update of what I’ve been doing (apart from work):

  • Listening – I upgraded my Spotify account, so I’m listening to loads of music. My current favourites belong to a genre I like to call bearded music. I coined the term, but I owe the pleasure of the  introduction to a dear friend of mine who pestered me with the likes of William Fitzsimmons, Iron and Wine and The Civil Wars until I caved. Needless to say he wasn’t too pleased when I spammed him with a link to a Bee Gees videoclip. C’est la vie!
  • Househunting – My housemate and I are looking to move out of our dearly beloved red brick terrace named Beryl. Yes, we named our house. Delightful as she is, she tends to spring leaks every so often. Not helpful.
  • Partying – We have had an insane amount of birthdays in the neighbourhood recently, so we’ve had a great many people come over and do community with us. It’s been amazing fun to see just how many people we can fit into our house.
  • Birthday-ing – Yes, one of those birthday was mine! I was sung to by an entire dim-sum restaurant. My friends here in Manchester know how to make me feel embarrassed and loved.
  • Liverpool-ing – I have been to Liverpool twice in the past month. One was a Saturday day trip with some friends and a few days later I went to the spectacular Liverpool Cathedral to see Rob Bell talk about love and how we should bring heaven to earth.
  • Bank holidaying – we had two bank holidays in a row and lucky for us the weather was perfect. There was a lot of time spent reading and spending quality time with people.
  • Reading – I finally finished reading Made in America by Bill Bryson, now I’m onto Popular Penguin, Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis.
  • Small business-ing – partly for tax purposes, partly because I want to, I’m setting up shop. There’ll be a website for that soon.
  • Hospitality-ing – My housemate and I have an ad-hoc hospitality agreement, we love spending time with people and we love making them feel welcome in our home, so this past fortnight we’ve had people staying with us non-stop. We welcomed Rachel’s family at various points as well as our pet American, Fluffy (ok, her name’s Vanessa) who has been ill with glandular fever for the last few weeks, so we thought Camp Beryl was a far better option than staying student halls. Muchos fun!
What’s next:
  • a trip to France on the next bank holiday weekend
  • more househunting
  • more talking at events within the Manchester social media community.
So there you go!

One thought on “Backside kicked

  1. I think it is entirely appropriate to name a house. I also think that Beryl is a fantastic name for a red-bricked terrace. Excellent. Photos?

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