Top Five Tuesday heads to the pictures


April 5, 2011 by jessperriam

Or the movies, or the cinema.

But here are five flicks you should watch because I said so:

1. Casablanca

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 until you have seen this piece of cinematic history from the 1940s. Never mind the fact that it could technically be classified as propaganda for the Allies, it has Humphrey Bogart in it. And we all know that Bogey is a bit of a Don Draper before his time.

Swooning aside, you should watch it because it’s good old fashioned storytelling with intrigue, history and an ending that is romantically unsatisfying yet morally right.

Give into the black and white films.

2. Goodbye Lenin!

This fall of the Berlin Wall era film is excellent. Set in 1990 it’s a touching film of preserving the East German way to living to preserve the life of a communist woman who could die from shock if she discovered that the world as she knows it has changed. I’m doing a pathetic job of describing it, but the characters a great, the detail is phenomenal and it’s such a lovely story of the lengths you’d go to in order to keep someone alive.

3. Lost In Translation

It has Bill Murray in it. It sees crazy, frenetic Tokyo through a visitor’s eyes. And for solo travellers, it epitomises that feeling you have of being completely alone in a strange land and making unusual friends and having the unlikliest adventures. For relaxing times, make it… Suntory time.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life

I only watched this film for the first time last Christmas. It’s an amazing film because the protagonist is an ordinary man asking a simple question: Do I really matter to anyone in this world? It’s a real journey film which runs for a smidge over two hours. And we know how the story ends, but it doesn’t matter because the moral of the story is so heartwarming. Watch it, preferably at Christmas with a box tissues.

5. Kill Bill Vol.1

I don’t condone violence, but the story of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill is captivating, the way the narrative is set out and the different film styles employed to tell the story. Oh, and the soundtrack. It’s yet another quest film. But it is rated R for Strong bloody violence for a reason. If that’s not your bag, then the story then no amount of pleading with you about the brilliance of the narrative and techniques is going to sway you.



One thought on “Top Five Tuesday heads to the pictures

  1. Julian Cosson says:

    Casablanca is over rated! It is such a product of the Hollywood system and quite obviously propaganda.

    I suggest you check out “The Third Man” a far superior and nuanced film filmed in Vienna in 1947 and featuring the amazing Orson Welles and the bombed uut remains of the city (; I love the line about the cuckoo clock.

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