Life skills, always learning them

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March 11, 2011 by jessperriam

Things I’ve learnt this week (in no particular order):

Good things come to those who wait (and the wait makes it all the sweeter)

As I’m typing this, there’s a plumber bustling through my terrace for the second day in a row. He’s fitted our new boiler (thank you benevolent landlords!) and is now fiddling around with thermostats and other components and doodads that mean my house is warm. He blasts BBC Radio 2 really loudly and I ply him with tea and chocolate biscuits in a show of our undying gratitude to have a heating.

Meeting complete strangers is my strange new hobby

I’ve met so many talented, intriguing and kind people this week. This is mostly due to the Manchester Blog Meet (that was tough not writing it with a hash tag) and meeting people on Twitter. I also realised that rocking up to something where you know no-one can be really daunting for people. Thanks to those threw caution to the wind and rocked up in spite of their fears, it was great to meet you.

Banks send an inordinate amount of mail

Prior to moving I hadn’t signed up for a new bank in the better part of six or seven years. But after my London day trip to open a bank account here, I had a flurry of mail come through my door. Online banking, phone banking, debit cards, product disclosure statements, documents explaining other documents and cards for this that and the other. Who on earth uses telephone banking anymore? That’s what I want to know.

New friends are great but there’s no one quite like Bradbury

Making new friends in Manchester has been a brilliant experience. I feel I’ve been thoroughly welcomed. But I didn’t know I missed Bradbury quite so much until I spoke to her and could be completely honest about my fears and apprehensions and sheer frustrations. I’m still in that awkward stage of friendship in Manchester where making friends is easy, letting them get to know you and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the tricky part.

It’s not helpful to beat yourself up

After the millionth unreturned email and the thousandth unsuccessful job application I was moaning about not yet finding a job . This is where friends like Bradbury and the enigmatic Jacob Black come in handy. They reminded me that moving to the other side of world on your own is a big thing in and of itself and that things don’t happen instantly. Sometimes it’s good to take the time to do things step by step rather than galloping ahead in haste. They also have extreme crazy optimism in my abilities. They rock. Life is still good.

And that is what I’ve learnt this week. The week ahead is going to be pretty good!


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