Top 5 Tuesday – Coffeeeee! Edition


March 8, 2011 by jessperriam


Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee, mind the grinds!

My name is Jess Perriam and I am a caffeine addict. It’s been twenty minutes since my last flat white. The proof of which is still sitting beside my laptop.

Other names for my affliction are as follows: coffee nerd, coffee snob, coffee geek.

I need it. I fear it doesn’t need me so much. But that’s the nature of dependencies, right?

There’s nothing more appropriate than to pay homage to my caffeine affliction to have a Top 5 Tuesday devoted to the best cafes I’ve ever been to. Note I didn’t say the best cafes in the world because I haven’t been to North America and I wasn’t fanatical about coffee when I went to New Zealand.

So, just to reiterate. This is merely from my limited experience and it also gives me the opportunity to update this (hopefully often!). Also, it’s in no particular order.

1. Bills Beans, Orange NSW, Australia

This is the place responsible for my coffee a day addiction. Bill and Lisa had the perfect balance of awesome coffee, great location, delicious food (need to find Portuguese custard tarts again) and some fairly legendary banter. They also roast their own coffee so there was that lovely toasty smell of coffee roasting all the way down Summer St. I miss it something chronic.

2. Artisan Roast, Edinburgh, Scotland

This is mandatory drinking. No ifs, buts or maybes. If you are in Edinburgh, you need to drink here. It’s my first port of call after I drop my stuff at wherever I’m staying. They also roast coffee (but I’ve never seen them fire up the roaster) and they know their stuff. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a bad coffee. It’s a cosy little cafe so you’re often sipping with strangers. It’s also the land of bearded baristas.

3. Artisan Roast, Glasgow, Scotland

Same again, just in a different city, a little harder to get to and a lot more spacious. Also, beard wall of fame.

4. The Espresso Room, London

Another hole in the wall cafe, and sometimes really tricky to find a spot to sit but well worth it. It’s across the road from the Great Ormond Street Hospital so there are loads of clever people coming through the door. Delicious coffee, their brownies are of note. Oh and friendly baristas, who may or may not consult you on decor changes.

5. Elixir Coffee Specialists, Nedlands, Perth WA, Australia

I used to complain about a lack of good coffee in Perth but then I moved to Manchester. And I realised I had no grounds for complaint. Perth has enough good coffee places – the problem is more a lack of consistency rather than being outright good or bad. But Elixir is one of the few places that consistently gets it right. The people who run it are passionate about their coffee. And they also offer up some great food. Their cake section often has something tempting. I can’t get their breakfast bruschetta out of my head. So fresh, delightful balsamic, crumbly feta. Nom. There is also occasional friendly banter to be had. Love some banter with my coffee.

Like I said, this list in non-exhaustive, the world is big, there is loads more coffee to discover. Which cafe has made its mark on you? Where have I not been that, I should investigate?


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Coffeeeee! Edition

  1. Peter Perriam says:

    HUSH ??? – doesn’t even make it into the top 20 good coffee places in Perth.
    Maybe because it’s in Fremantle.

  2. homeisaname says:

    Anywhere in Italy.

    Unfortunately, in my new area, I haven’t found a good coffee shop yet. (There is one nearby that says “Reopening Soon”…. so I’m wondering if cockroaches like coffee too).

    • jessperriam says:

      Agreed. Nothing beats a Roman cappuccino. Unfortunately trial and error tends to be the way to go when finding good coffee in a new place. Hint: The places which are adorned with claims such as “Best coffee in *insert town here*” are often liars.

  3. Jacob Black says:

    Melbourne. The end.

    • jessperriam says:

      I hear you. But. And this may prove an unspoken point. I’ve been to Melbourne a fair few times and while I’ve never had a shocking coffee, I’ve never had a monumental one either. I need names and addresses of monumental Melbourne coffee, people!

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