Top 5 Tuesday – novelty factor edition


March 1, 2011 by jessperriam

I’m instating (as opposed to reinstating) a little thing called Top 5 Tuesday. This is because I like lists and I like alliteration. Also there are loads of little things that aren’t worthy of a post in and of themselves but I’m determined to fit them into something.

This week I’m going to tell you things that will never ever lose their novelty factor for me.

1. Contrails

You know the white bits that stream out from the back of planes as they take off? Eastern Australians and Europeans and Americans, don’t roll your eyes at the fact that I had to describe what a contrail was.

If you live in Western Australia you rarely if ever see contrails because the atmosphere is too warm and dry there. So the criss-crossing patterns that planes make as they pootle across the sky absolutely captivate me.  Watching contrails form made hanging out my laundry in Orange bearable, perhaps even entertaining. Just this evening, I was craning my neck out the window of the Oxford Rd Starbucks to see a plane make a contrail. Love them.

2. The gush of air as a train pulls into a platform.

For maximum effect, it should be an underground station with all the related underground smells. There’s that distinct novelty factor that you’re just about to go somewhere, whether it’s back home after a long day or somewhere exciting and new.

3. Non-corporate mail

I arrived home this evening to find a postcard on the table. A streetscape of Stalin Boulevard in Tirana live and direct from 1987. There’s something about handwriting and stamps from exotic locations that will never ever get old.

This is also my opportunity to thank everyone who has sent letters, books, short stories, aerogrammes (thanks Granma!) and postcards from the US, Australia, Canada, Bali and now Albania. Your letterbox (mail slot?) love makes me smile.

4. The sounds of Market Street

I must take my field recorder with me sometime this week to record some of the great sounds I hear walking in the Manchester city centre. The toot of the trams, the yelling of the fruit vendor, the latin bands, one man bands, the solitary chap playing a recorder.  Manchester makes my ears happy. Especially when the fruit vendor yells, “Blueberries only a pound!” in his very Northern accent.

5. The top level of double decker buses

Last night I sat on the front seat of the top deck of the bus heading down Oxford Road. It feels as though you’re gliding through the treetops. I’ll never get sick of that sensation.

What will never lose its novelty value for you? Is it as lame as contrails? I’d understand if it was…


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – novelty factor edition

  1. homeisaname says:

    I really, really like to push the buttons in elevators. Usually just the right ones.

  2. Peter Perriam says:

    5 people who catch the bus with me each work day never lose their novelty:
    1 The guy of lower intellect (looking for the politically correct terminology) who ride for one stop and always says on leaving the bus “Thanks Bud”, whether the driver is male or female.
    2 The young bloke with circular earing piercings in his lobes that are something out of Africa.
    3 The middle aged lady who has a broad smile on her face as she nods her greeting to me and who then sits down and reads her bible.
    4. The female student from the arty crafty John Curtin College who exits the bus near the Fremantle war memorial with a loud “Cheers !!!!”
    5. The young 10 year old Iona College student (and her mum) who engage in some interesting conversations – yesterday it was about a rabbit that she was going to be getting in 5 or 3 weeks (Why do rabbits need to have their coats brushed? – because they get fur balls like cats).

    All of these leave me with a smile and make for a pleasant start to each working day.

    • jessperriam says:

      I’m not sure what the politically correct term is either… Hmm..
      The earring thingys are called plugs and I’m unsure how good they’ll look when the people decide to take them out in years to come.

      I think your bus can be summed up in one handy phrase: “You know you’re in Freo when…”

  3. Carol Perriam says:

    1.Freya when she sings her little songs either in the car or in the little room down the passage. You know when she is happy.
    2.Yes the contrails in the sky’s over Swenden and the UK reminding us that there are highways in the sky. (I do remember seeing them in Perth sky’s when I was at school in the 60’s)
    3. Freya each afternoon as she says hi and by to the crosswalk man at school.
    4.Theo’s persistent tap on my ankle as I am getting tea ready letting me know he is waiting for his.
    5.Choosing a bottle of wine because I like the look of the label and finding the wine is a good one is a bonus.

  4. Elisabeth Ford says:

    I love rainbows. They always make me smile and I want one day to be able to find the end of one. I have seen two this week, both absolutely perfect in their formation and made even more spectacular because they arched beautifully from one side of Lake Wakatipu to the other.

    Waking up in the middle of the night to hear the sound of rain on the corrugated iron roof. Lulls me back to sleep, magic.

    I have a new sound that I am getting used to and love hearing, it is the local male deer “roaring” its such an unusual sound and the young male deer make a squeaky roar sound (voices breaking obviously) which makes me laugh.

    Walking along the lake at 6.00am on a summers morning, no breeze, no clouds and a lone hot air balloon cruising around the distant valley. One day I am going to go for a ride in one of those.

    • jessperriam says:

      Oh hot air ballooning is magnificent. You must go one day – I went hot air ballooning in Canowindra, about 45 mins from Orange. It was amazing to see all the green and gold patchwork of paddocks and canola fields.

      I want to hear a deer roar. I always thought they’d kind of sound a bit more like a cross between a horse and cow. I need to get into nature more.

  5. Jacob Black says:

    1. Posts on
    2. Motorsport montages – especially stirring, anthemic and orchestral motorsports montages.
    3. Adjectives in sets of threes
    4. The motorbike riders who reguarly buzz their engines in the ally way next to my apartment, purely because they love the sound they make in the narrow, high hallway.
    5. The girl at work who taps me on the shoulder and says “Hi spunky” when she walks past.

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