A new calendar and a new challenge


February 9, 2011 by jessperriam

It may have been Chinese New Year last week, but a new calendar was created on Monday night.

It has 17 months, each containing 25 days. The months are named after Yorkshire towns and the days are named after different types of poems. But we can’t tell you what today’s date is in this new calendar. My favourite month is Pontefract. No good reason why, it just sounds nice.

And I thought I had reason to be intimidated when joining a writers’ group for the very first time.

But it turns out writers who brave a cold Mancunian night to gather together in their literary insecurities are fun people, who make interesting conversation.

Ok, so, I just described the antics at the pub after the group.

The main event was tea and fortune cookies, with readings from those man enough to bring along a sample of their work. Alas I wasn’t among the men.

It’s good to read what others are writing and seeing how they approach things and why they wrote a particular bit the way they did. After each reading, there was time for constructive criticism. And this was where I was glad I didn’t bring anything along to read for my first meeting. The criticism was mostly constructive but sometimes snide.

I’ll probably be back at the group next week but I’m not sure I’ve got the courage to read anything in front of the group. I’ve not written much in the way of fiction or poetry, but this week I’ve given it a red hot go.

What do you think? Should I bring something to the writers’ group table next week? Or should I play it cool for another week? Your advice in the comments below please…


2 thoughts on “A new calendar and a new challenge

  1. Jacob Black says:

    Take in one of mine. that way your feelings aren’t at risk.

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