Nothing minor about you at all

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February 7, 2011 by jessperriam

I swore to myself I would not write a King’s Speech related post. That’s mostly because I felt I couldn’t add anything to the conversation other than, “it’s really, really good and you should see it because it made the oldies in the cinema applaud at the end of the film.” I have read far better commentaries here and here.

But that was until I read an interview with Colin Firth in Big Issue in the North. He was explaining why he was drawn towards participating in a film about a part of history previously untouched by Hollywood. He noted how King George VI was often treated as a minor role in the major story of Edward and Mrs Simpson.

He went on to say that he’s always curious about what happens to that minor character once they walk off the stage or off the stage – what story they’re telling with their actions and words behind the scenes.

As Colin Firth said, “We find out by making him the protagonist in this story that in fact there was nothing minor about him at all.”

So what can you take away from this? The knowledge that while someone may be making a bigger show of their life, and you may appear to be taking the supporting role, you are far from minor.

The hurdles you overcame to get here today? There’s nothing minor about them at all. In fact, your story of triumph against the odds is probably rather captivating and inspirational.

The things you do – day in, day out – to make life function just a little easier for others? I’m positive there’s something major in that.

There may be ‘minor characters’ in each of our stories but they are doing major things by adding depth to the collective narrative.

Take heart, minor characters. There is nothing minor about you at all.


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