If I could, I’d call this miscellaneous

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February 5, 2011 by jessperriam

It’s a rainy, rainy Saturday afternoon here in rainy, rainy Manchester so there are cups of tea (British assimilation point #1 – tick!) on tap and listening to podcasts in bed to be had. And to think I was going to go on a walk in the Peak District today. Damn you, inclement British weather.

So here are a few pieces of miscellanea that aren’t quite meaty enough to make a blog post proper:

  • I have a fireplace in my bedroom! I kid you not – an actual fireplace – but it’s been hastily bricked up and I can hear the wind blow over the chimney and other such things like doves. So… while I can’t have fire in my room (that’s a very scary thought), I do have a mantlepiece which has books and a field recorder and a mirror on it. I never thought I’d be smug for having a mantlepiece, but I am. So there.
  • British houses have quirks – lots of them. Here’s my antipodean confession time: I didn’t understand how the heating in houses worked for about a day. I didn’t understand that boiler + radiator = heating. *headsmack*
  • I live in an area of Manchester called Moss Side. Which if you research it on wikipedia, you may fear for my safety. You shouldn’t. I feel safe, the crime rate is low and there a strong sense of community (which I’ll tell you about soon). I like living where I live.
  • There is decent coffee in Manchester! After weeks of searching, moaning and groaning – I found a great cafe via Twitter. North Tea Power is a godsend! They make an amazing flat white and have loads of delicious baked goodies on offer. Austerity measures mean I won’t be having their coffee every day but I can see it as a good place to take a newspaper and my laptop (yes, they have free wi-fi – bonus!)
  • Um… I take the bus a lot. And I walk a lot. And I like it. A lot.
  • *late breaking bullet point* A pair of my jeans broke and instead of buying a new pair (clothes shopping always makes me slightly nervous) I decided to patch them up. I patched them up with some blue gingham and they’re a piece of sewing excellence. Sort of. I’m proud of my handiwork anyway.

I doubt the rain has stopped but I’m now deliberating whether I should go and see a film tonight. I think the answer is yes.


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