Win the day


January 25, 2011 by jessperriam

There are two types of Jess: the focussed, to-do list Jess and; the dreamer, big ideas Jess.

I’ll be honest, with you. Big ideas Jess has been ruling the roost. She’s awesome, spontaneous and has many eureka (!) moments. But she changes her mind a lot (it is a woman’s prerogative after all) and has no direction, nothing solid to strive towards.

To-do list Jess has her eyes on the prize, has a quiet, steely (and quite frankly, scary) determination that will go to any lengths to achieve an outcome.

Both are pretty annoying to live with for prolonged periods of time.

In fact it’s made me wonder whether there is a happy medium to the two little ladies.

My wisdom in this came via (the mandatory reading of) Don Miller. He was talking about a story he heard of a college football (yes, American football*) coach who instead of urging his players to win the championship, he urges them to win the day.

Because let’s face it, we can only achieve so much in one day. And if we achieve what we’ve set out to do in that one day, then we’re doing pretty well. Consider it micro-success, as opposed to macro-success. Lots of little successes should equal overall success to my rudimentary mathematics

Who knows? I could be spouting absolute rubbish, but it makes sense to me.

But the reason I say this is because I know to-do list Jess in on the way back in, she’s already started making mundane inroads into my life such as, “buy some boots”, “consider a nutritious dinner”, “be awesome”, and; “win the day”.

I never end up completing every single thing on those little to-do lists. And that’s ok.

Instead, I feel like most days I can look back on the past 24 hours and ask, “Did I win the day?”

Usually, I can say, “Yes,”.


*there are four codes of football too many and they are all the ones that aren’t AFL.


2 thoughts on “Win the day

  1. Peter Perriam says:

    Carpe diem

  2. lauren says:

    love it! can totally relate.. i love ‘win the day’ phrase- have now motivated me to make a small start on my big procrastinating doctorate project

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