The rules of all-day breakfast


January 4, 2011 by jessperriam

I’m not one for sharing my Facebook status on the blog – it’s kind of like double dipping and that’s not fun.

But yesterday a status of mine begged to be elaborated.

All day breakfast statusI didn’t have a set of rules for all day breakfast but there’s no time like the present to start one.

(*trumpet fanfare*)

The Rules of All Day Breakfast

Jess and a stack of pancakes

Me - eying off a egg-free stack of pancakes in '08.

  1. It shall still be referred to as breakfast, even if you’ve had a prior breakfast that day.
  2. All day breakfast must run until at least 2.30pm. Otherwise, it’s really just half day breakfast and fails to cater to its target audience: the hangover cure set.
  3. Your all-day breakfast should include bacon.
  4. Bacon can be taken from a fellow breakfaster’s plate.
  5. Bacon may be substituted for facon if you’re of the vegetarian persuasion (deliciousness not guaranteed)
  6. The calibre of coffee doesn’t necessarily need to match that of the food. But its presence on the table is mandatory.
  7. There must be an egg-free option on the menu.
  8. French toast is an egg-free option.
  9. Hash browns will be referred to as such, not rosti or potato cakes any other fancypants term.
  10. All-day breakfast items are allowed to straddle the fine line that may push them over into post-breakfast items. Eg. Breakfast pizza, breakfast wrap and breakfast bruschetta.

These rules are not exhaustive, I’m sure you have more rules in mind and the comments box is the place to share them.


2 thoughts on “The rules of all-day breakfast

  1. Jacob Black says:

    Breakfast burrito is good.

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