Sitting still

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January 3, 2011 by jessperriam

wooden bird on the nile

Bird on the Nile

The breeze was warm, so stifling it could dry your torso while everything below remained in the water.

The day was so hot that by the time sunset melded into dusk, the sky turned this odd grey/black colour.

And I was sitting on the roof of a white motorboat adorned with Rastafarian paraphernalia, drinking it all in.

I had the Sahara on one side, the bustle of Aswan on the other, and I was in the middle, on the Nile.

My best accomplishment of 2010 was sitting still, taking notice of my surroundings and searing it into my memory, never to be forgotten.

For many, many years I’d been running at breakneck speed, trying to accomplish stuff and things and security. My eyes were always looking ahead to the future, rather than looking around and seeing what was at my fingertips.  To take a step back into simplicity was something I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

It has shaped an inherent desire to lead a simpler life. One where things don’t have to be intricate or impressive. It’s purely a desire at this stage, I’ve no idea where it will lead.

As far as accomplishments go, it’s small from the outside looking in. Yet I think it was vital.

I’m trying out WordPress’ post a day thing. I don’t think I’ll follow the prompts every day, but it will be good to have some ideas for posts as well as some new blogs and friends to discover.


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