21 letters later


December 21, 2010 by jessperriam

I am pooped. Ok, I just said that because I wanted to sound like an exhausted baby boomer.

Moving right along… it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas if you believe the carols (PS. Have you seen the Rolf Harris Christmas song I posted yesterday?).

I just posted December letter 21 this evening, I’ve grown to enjoy the near-daily walk to the post box.

So who did I write to this week?

* I reminisced about a year that’s gone by in such an odd way that time has seemed like it’s gone slowly and yet rapidly at the same time. That’s headed to suburban Perth but the lucky duck recipient won’t get it until they arrive home from Europa!

*Some general whinging (General Whinging! Sorry… How I Met Your Mother gag) about how I haven’t seen a friend in nearly a decade is heading to the Perth Hills.

*Ooh! A tag-team letter with Bradbury is heading to my favourite Irish person.

*I *heart* my Granma and I told her so in a nice little letter.

*I sent some letter loving to my South West friends while listening to the U2 concert from my friend’s apartment.

*Birthday wishes are floating to the House on Hay. Hopefully they’ll arrive on time. (But I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t)

*Aaaaaaaaand. A very tired letter has gone to suburban Perth.

Do let me know when and if you get your letter – I like to know Australia Post has done its job.

This coming week I’ll be writing letters in amongst mouthfuls of Christmas pudding (PS. check out my cousin Marc’s delightful food blog, Southern Republic. Om nom nom!) to some mostly interstate and international locations .

So what have I learnt or gleaned from this week of letter writing? Not much, to tell the truth. My handwriting is in fact getting worse, so apologies there.

But I was telling my 87-year-old great-uncle this on the phone. He has the foresight to be planning his 100th birthday shindig. He was telling me so. But after picking himself off the floor when I explained that I was writing proper letters – not emails – he made a very interesting point.

“You’re more likely to keep a letter, show it to others and treasure it. You just can’t do that with an email.”


One thought on “21 letters later

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    Your great uncle is so wise and so right, keep them and treasure them. You never know when it will be the last one from them and the memories they bring.

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