Two weeks, no writer’s cramp


December 14, 2010 by jessperriam

My dedication knows no bounds! I’ve kept up this letter writing thing for a fortnight now.

But I’m going to admit – I did have some days where I just couldn’t be bothered. It was nothing personal about the recipient for that day, it was more about my mood, my fatigue and my lack of anything substantial to say. Those who have already received letters can kind of testify that the subject matter can be a little haphazard at time. But the lesson here is perseverance – I kept writing even though I didn’t feel like it at times.

So here’s a wee synopsis of where the past week’s letters have gone:

*A travel moment and the realisation that you can know someone your whole life but not really know them is headed to suburban Perth.

*An introduction to Jess has made its way to Canada (via email, but it was a scanned handwritten letter because everyone has to suffer with my crappy chicken scratches)

*Relationship advice is heading to a letterbox in suburban Perth.

*Random chit-chat and a promise to play a drinking game with episodes of Bold and the Beautiful is chugging along to suburban Perth.

*Something… I don’t remember what is going to suburban Perth. But rest assured, it is choicest quality.

*Ooh! Ooh! Precious travel memories and a pledge to check out the Beatles Museum is making its way in a puffin’s beak to the Faroe Islands (a girl can dream)

*Sincere, deepest, heartfelt thanks and congratulations are in an Australia Post box, waiting to be picked up and delivered to suburban Perth – clearly I kept a fair bit of the letter writing in the 6000s this week.

I’ve had a few responses from letter recipients this week and it’s been humbling.  From laughter to tears, to pure thankfulness that their letterbox is getting attention from the postman. I’d like to think that everything I’ve written in the letters so far is the dead set truth and brings some joy to the recipient.

I’m getting as much out of writing these letters as you are for receiving them, so thanks. Thanks for letting me feel like a good egg.

And I’ve still got a few spots left for the end of the month, so if you haven’t stuck your hand up to get one, there’s still time. Let me know if you want some letter love.


2 thoughts on “Two weeks, no writer’s cramp

  1. eazylstra says:

    Hey jess! despite writing over 40 letters to people in Perth since I moved to the US, I have received exactly three letters to my little mailbox: one from the bank, one from my parents and one from the university saying I accidentally owed $16000. I would love a letter if you don’t mind sending it? I love what you write and reading your blog is so entertaining, I’d love to see what you put in a letter.

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