December 7, 2010 by jessperriam

Seven days, seven letters.

Yes, I’m surprised that I have chutzpah to write letters consistently too.

So here’s a bit of what’s been written so far:

* Encouragement and pride is on its way to Albania.

* Small talk is inching ever closer to New Zealand

* A spot of girly gossip should have arrived in suburban Perth by now.

* So too some home truths.

* Extreme praise? Hello! You’re heading to Melbourne!

* Random cafe observations have been sent to France.

* And some gold-medal navel gazing is on its way to suburban Perth.

What have I learnt so far?

This process is cathartic whether I like it or not. I often (especially today) find myself just braindumping. This may or may not be compelling reading for the recipients. I apologise if you got a dud letter.

No two letters have been alike. I’ve written about some strange things. In one letter I have written in pauses to eat French toast and sip my flat white. The French toast was that good. Rest assured, each and every letter so far has mentioned the word Christmas.

It tends to resemble more of a one-sided phone conversation than it does anything else. Are we that bad at communicating through the written word? I can only think of one meaningful conversation I’ve had purely through words in the last six months to a year. What a shame that  we only use words to communicate in such a blunt way. I blame email. I especially blame email in a work setting. We’ve all been responsible for one word emails… ‘fess up. I think one of my (many) goals will be to become a better written conversationalist.

My handwriting is crap. But it’s legible. I hope.

I can write almost anywhere. I’ve written in cafes, hairdressers, lounge rooms, train platforms. Some places will garner more curious stares than others. When writing my letter in a cafe yesterday, the barista yelled out, “You’re not writing a blog are you?” Yes…. a blog in an A5 notebook. Sure thing. Should have directed him here though. I reckon he’d like it.

This week – plenty more forays into suburban Perth as well as some words dropping into the Faroe Islands and Canada.

Oh, and please give me a heads up when you get your letter – I’d like to think Australia Post is doing its job properly.


3 thoughts on “Correspondence

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    Thankyou for my letter. I know it was written from the from the heart, and I will try to do as you suggest.
    love mum

  2. Elisabeth Ford says:

    Hi Jess, thanks for my letter, it was wonderful to receive a missive from across the Tasman. 50 million points for being able to write something legible and extremely interesting whilst sitting at the hairdressers after a long, late night at work…. keep up the good work!
    Love Aunty Lis

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