POS preparations


November 30, 2010 by jessperriam

Hi Friends,

Sorry I haven’t written any gold over the last few days. Sometimes my brain needs a weekend too.

You’ll be pleased to know I spent this morning preparing for Operation POS (Piss Off, Santa for those in the know).

It involved a lot of printing and delightfully glossy photo paper for a wee gift for each of my letter recipients. We (being myself and Bradbury) listened to Belle and Sebastian throughout the construction process so I feel a bit twee about it all. In a good way.

Speaking of Operation POS, I still have some spots left for the end of December. Let me know if you’d like a delightful, individualised handwritten letter from yours truly.

Also, if you’ve stuck your hand up to be a recipient and you haven’t given me your address, now’s the time.

December begins in 45 minutes here in Western Australia and I’m rather excited about that.


2 thoughts on “POS preparations

  1. lauren says:

    oooh i would love a christmas letter, but I have had wine and coffee (and even a fruit tingle) with you many times.. do i still count?

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