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November 19, 2010 by jessperriam

Ok, a wee bit of background after for those just joining us.

So I wrote a letter to my 13-year-old self a few days ago. I berated her a little bit, and then told her that what she did at that time changed her life.

Good times.

Anyway, I reminded her of a certain A+++ piece of creative writing she did in English. A few of you wanted to see the cuteness. The creative writing assignment was to write about your ‘secret place’. I tried to format the text to look authentically Year Eight with 14pt, ComicSans font in bright blue, but WordPress thwarted me. Here goes:

Most people would have to say that their room is their secret place. In fact, if it wasn’t their room, it would be some place that’s actually there and you can go to. But my secret place is none of the above. My secret place may not be perfect for everybody, but it seems just right for me. I can take it anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t weigh a thing and it doesn’t cost a cent. In my secret place
I can be with anyone I like. In my secret place it can be winter when it’s summer and summer when it’s winter. Nobody can find out about my secret place unless I tell them. But my secret place can be invaded the moment I think about them, but they can leave as soon as I forget. My secret place is extremely addictive, so it’s very easy to enter, but exceedingly hard to exit. My secret place can be peaceful and beautiful, but it can also be macabre and frightening. I can do whatever I want in my secret place because I am the ruler of it. I can shout and scream and no-one will hear me. I can be myself and no-one will hold it against me. I can act like a small child and they will be none the wiser. I can go there in any mood: happy, sad, angry or cheerful. No-one can tell me off for being in my secret place and no-one can stop me from going there. The beauty of it all is not what I’ve just written. It’s the fact that IT”S ALL IN THE MIND!
So yeah… that’s what I wrote.
20/20 A+++ “This is the best piece I have read in ages. Well done” – Year Eight English teacher, Winthrop Baptist College.


2 thoughts on “Writing gold

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    Still a beautiful piece of writing all these years later. Jacob you sound like one of those friends who would be classed as pricless and be in the diamond group.

  2. Mandy Pink says:

    Thats an awesome piece of writing Jess. Such a talented 13 year old you were.

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