For the weekend, for the win


October 23, 2010 by jessperriam

Orange. Nashdale. Cargo. Canowindra. Cowra. Koorawatha. Young. Wombat. Wallendbeen. Cootamundra. Bethungra. Illabo. Junee. Wagga Wagga.

The drive from Orange to Wagga Wagga is indelibly marked on my brain. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve driven the three and a half hours there on a Friday afternoon and back on a Sunday afternoon.

But that drive never ceased to amaze me, challenge me and stir something up inside.

August 2007 through January 2009 was a pretty amazing time in my life. I was living in Orange, doing my first media job after university. Like any other career path, it serves you best to do your first job in the country where the stakes are far lower and the scrutiny is less intense.

And it was the same for Lauren, she had just finished her undergraduate psychology degree and had moved to the Eastern States to do her country stint. She was living in Wagga Wagga at the time which is why I spent so many weekends on the Olympic Highway.

When you’re in a new state the desire to explore and discover everything about your new surroundings becomes insatiable. Lucky for me I had buddies.

Lauren, her then-boyfriend (now husband) Nick and myself would spent every spare second imaginable day tripping and taking weekenders through New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

And we had adventures… or at least drove around the countryside acting random and having the best time ever. Ever.


The three amigos... on the green, green, GREEN slopes of Myrtleford, Victoria



Eating Ethiopian food in Canberra. I may or may not have cried from the sheer heat of the food.



We met my Dad's cousin at his (very) eclectic cafe in Melbourne



We pretended to be bushrangers in the Victorian countryside... no, seriously.



There are no winners in leaf fight club... just people with twigs in their hair.



I tend to rave about travelling on my own. A lot. And that’s ok.


When you have brilliant friends, a roadworthy car and the desire to explore what’s over the horizon, nothing can beat a good road trip.

These photos (some that I’ve nicked from Lauren – thanks in advance) are just a drop in the ocean of the fun we had over those 18 months.

When I moved back to Western Australia, Nick and Lauren made me arguably the best going-away present a girl could ever get.  A video made up of photos from our adventures with a soundtrack of my favourite song in the world: Thankyou (for loving me at my worst) by The Whitlams. It made me grin, made me almost cry and made me laugh until I cried.

It made those long three and half hours drives through the central New South Wales countryside all the more worthwhile.


This is a (very) late -breaking installment of Travel Tales Thursday. Better late than never… Happy weekend!


One thought on “For the weekend, for the win

  1. recycledrose says:

    naawwww i feel loved!! sending love your way x x

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