I’ve got love for you if you were baked in the ’80s, the ’80s


October 20, 2010 by jessperriam

So you get asked to make something desserty at a dinner your friend is cooking for her nearest and dearest (boys, you can tune out right now but you’ll miss some funny stuff). It’s not just any dinner, but a roast.

Do you?:

a) trawl the interwebs for a delicious recipe;

b) refer to Jamie Oliver / Super Food Ideas (don’t mock me just because I don’t have the attention span for Delicious magazine) for something delightful; or,

c) go through old issues of Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens to find something impossibly naff to go with the old-school roast dinner motif?

Friends – I almost went with option B. Almost. Until I was looking after my youngest niece and in her one-year-old haze she pulled out an old Family Circle magazine from 1980-something or other.

I’ve just spent a mildly hi-larious half hour looking at old magazines. So here’s a list of things that were acceptable in the ’80s housewifey magazines:

1. Questionable knitting patterns

Sandra wasn’t sure whether iridescent purple was really her colour… Trevor was willing to swap jumpers to find out.


Cathy felt all boxed in... but damn she had a mighty fine brooch!


2. Smoking ads


Yes... and in 2010, cigarettes do cost the Earth. PS. They will kill you.



Cancer sticks meet insurance advertisements


3. Mildly politically incorrect feature articles


You say, "Hey, how are you?"


4. Mills and Boon!


A couple reading Mills and Boon together. Connect your own dots.


5.  Leapfrogging over mushrooms in Olivia Newton-John style aerobics outfits


Let's get physical, physical!


But back to the recipes. Ladies had heaps of time on their hands back then and they were also adept in the kitchen with those hands. Me? If it’s quick to make, brilliant! If it tastes good, bonus!

Browsing through the cookery sections of these magazines, things got exotic rather fast. Zagreb cake? Italian cannoli (not sure why they had to emphasise its Italian-ness), Wine plum trifle, and my favourite… Sun-sational cheesecake!

I was initially asked to make a self-saucing pudding. And I sighed at that in a le sigh kind of way. To me self-saucing puddings come from packets. And I made them when I was ten years old. But I found the Lemon Delicious in the hallowed pages of Family Circle.


Is canary pudding made from real canaries? Tweet that...


I could make the pudding but…. don’t these two cakes look marvellous?


on nom nom...



Sun-sational - New Zealandish for 'sensational'


Self saucing pudding or true ’80s decadence? Decisions, decisions…


3 thoughts on “I’ve got love for you if you were baked in the ’80s, the ’80s

  1. Roaster says:

    As on of the chosen ones lucky enough to eat said ring of deliciousness and nom nom fillings for BREAKFAST, I feel overjoyed and full. Why thank you young lady and your handy glasses.

  2. Lisa says:

    Just a quick question… Cathy with the brooch?
    Is that the chick in the right with the brooch at the throat?
    Or chick on the left with two brooches of questionable location?

    Great pics 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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