The black coffee challenge


October 19, 2010 by jessperriam

Coffee is a contentious subject at the best of times.

There’s so much argy-bargy over what makes a good coffee, who makes a good coffee and what to do when your favourite cafe has gone off the boil.

Here in Australia I would hazard a guess at saying that most caffeine addicts are just as much addicted to the milky goodness of their coffees as they are addicted to the sweet, sweet, life-giving caffeine.

And I’ll admit that I’m one of them.

Until I was challenged by a blog post I read.

I’ve always been a student of the ‘If the coffee’s good enough, it doesn’t need sugar’ school. Which is true. Sugar should only be used to mask a terrible tasting coffee. Don’t get me started on the use of flavoured syrups… Blergh!

But never have I heard the ‘if the coffee’s good enough it doesn’t need milk’ line. Until I read Fussy‘s assertions.

However, I reckon it’s worth a try.

So for the next week or so, whenever I visit one of my favourite coffee haunts, I’ll ask them to give me their finest black coffee, whether that be long black or merely a shot of espresso.  I’ll report back to you with my findings (but it is Perth, so I’m expecting a little disappointment) Who knows – once you go black you might never go back.

I want to know whether I’m addicted to coffee for the caffeine or the milk.

But there are other reasons too…

When I was living in country NSW, I was interviewing my favourite coffee roaster, he was sipping on a piccolo (basically a mini, mini latte). I asked Bill why he was having such a small coffee and his reply?:

“Humans don’t need to drink that much milk.”

I’ve never gone a large coffee since. If the guy behind the counter serving the stuff wouldn’t necessarily recommend a coffee in that size, then what’s the point in drinking it?

What’s your favourite way to drink coffee? And would you change your coffee drinking habits to see if it tasted any better?


5 thoughts on “The black coffee challenge

  1. Steven says:

    When lazy or in the office, black and instant.

    Out of the office, was a grande capp from the coffee patch but now downsized to guildcup size. Only when its not student season at work, otherwise the wait is way too long.

    Very rarely have sugar.

  2. Joey says:

    Aleesha and I drink ours with soy milk, we find it cuts the bitterness.
    We also like to make ours through a drip filter and I generally drink a piccolo as well.

    When we go out, it’s a soy latte for her, and an espresso or a soy cappaccino for me.

    No sugar. I agree with you, sugar can only be used to mask really bad coffee.

    • jessperriam says:

      I love the nutty taste that the soy milk brings out with a coffee but the texture of steamed soy sometimes brings out the gag reflex. I think it’s one of those things I’d like to give a go and get used to – I’m sure I can do it.

      Oooh, have you been to Elixir in Nedlands? Top notch coffee.

      Also: Perth Coffeescape. Good times.

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