Mud map Monday


October 18, 2010 by jessperriam

“I love a good mud map!”

I’ve said it twice already. I’m one of those few ladies (according to a probable stereotype) who can actually read maps without getting lost (except once in Florence, but I don’t think I was adequately caffeinated that morning).

Sure you can flick off a link to a GoogleMap to a friend to show them the way and I’m prone to doing that too.


Nothing says love quite like handcrafting a map of somewhere you know really, really well to help someone along their way.

Two years ago, when I was living in country NSW, I went for a long weekend in Melbourne with my friends Nick and Lauren. We were having coffee and I suddenly though it would be a bright idea to draw a mud map of Fremantle. No reason. Just because I could.


Freo Mud Map - first edition


It was disarmingly accurate(ish) considering I was 4000 kilometres away from the place.

But two years have passed and I thought it was time to update the mud map and expand the map area a little.

So without further ado… The new and updated Mud Map of Fremantle!


sorry attempt indeed...



Freo... handdrawn in two pages


And a little closer up for the picture impaired…


The western side...



East Siiiiiiiiide!


As you can see, my drawing skills leave a buttload to be desired and I can already think of one important landmark left off the map (delicious crepe place – how could I?!).

It just goes to show what’s important to me when I draw a map or talk about a place – coffee, beer, bookshops and random pieces of tourist stuff (such as martime museums and old prisons it would seem…). But to me, that’s what Freo is, it’s my Freo.

But could you confidently draw a mud map of a town or city you know like the back of your hand? What landmarks would you make a point of including?

Pencils at the ready…. and go!

(PS. Would you like me to draw more mud maps? We could make this our special Monday thing…)


Aye aye, Captain Pimms!

It’s Pimms Kettle weather again. Sunshine, Pimms Kettle, gin-soaked fruit – who could ask for anything more?


7 thoughts on “Mud map Monday

  1. Hilary says:

    Interesting to see the priorities you have there 🙂 I’d have included much of the same, but not all. Mostly I look at that map and see a lot of gaps where other stuff I love would be- Cicerello’s, op shops and Oxfam, various shoe shops (Bob’s Shoe Store and Bodkin’s Bootery in particular), the courtyard where Gelare and Pickled Fairy and Into Camelot is… Dammit, Freo, why are you so far away from me?

    • jessperriam says:

      I’d noticed I’d left out Pickled Fairy land… and then I realised that I wasn’t 10 years old anymore and the smell of incense gives me the irrits. Freo is not far away from you… you are far away from Freo.

  2. Carol Perriam says:

    I tried to draw a mud map of granny’s house in Nth Fremantle. I knew where the rooms went but trying to get them to scale is another thing. It was fun to see how good my memory of the house was.

  3. Jacob says:

    Dear Jess, I love your blog. Really. Massively love it. Some morning I hit refresh twice just in case you updated it and my computer hasn’t caught up yet.

    Love Jacob.

    PS: Do a mud map of Istanbul.

    • jessperriam says:

      Oh jeebus! A mud map of Istanbul – that could be fun. I’ll give it a go because that would be hilarious. I may even try a topographical mud map (!) to give it a sense of hilly-ness. Or not.

      PS. thanks for the love, love!

  4. Olivia says:

    All hail the female map reader! I too can read a map…and in 7 weeks time I will indulge in a pimms cocktail (with pieces of orange, cucumber and fresh mint…mmmmmm)

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