Misguided palate


October 13, 2010 by jessperriam

Yesterday was a lazy, graze-y day. It was the kind of day where you could leave your phone at home, get to the other side of the city and realise it wasn’t with you and feel alright with the world about having to turn around to grab it. True story. I *heart* the Kwinana Freeway. Not.

That explains the laze… but the graze. I ate so much food yesterday. Over a twelve hour period I ate heaps of things, real or perceived. I think it seems like a lot because I took a culinary adventure over three suburbs over those twelve hours.

We started our trip in Ireland… or West Leederville. Or at the Irish pub in West Leederville. Who knew that Cheaparse Tuesday was such a tough day to get a cheeky drink and a wee bite to eat? After waiting half an hour and a middie of Kilkenny for the kitchen to open, we had some pork chipolatas with mustard. Yum in a bowl.

The graze then moseyed on down to Australia (yes, I know, we’re already there)… in Wembley for some modern Australian wine bar tinged with the burger bar next door. Australian red wine + delicious avocado and bacon beef burger = happy Jess.

Tuesday night is normally pub quiz night but because there was some quizzical argy-bargy as to which pub we would frequent , we pulled out the trivial pursuit and had our own living room quiz. You’ll be pleased to know I won in spite of giving myself a hefty disadvantage (mental note: if you put the pieces of pie you won into someone else’s pie dish, you cannot get them back. either that, or my friends are cruel in that way).

But the world tour wasn’t over! We went to Egypt… or Northbridge for shisha and cinnamon tea. The progress report on the Egyptian restaurant’s de-roofing of the shisha bar to comply with smoking laws would suggest success. You can see the clear night sky interspersed with whirly birds and flourescent lights coloured in red with a permanent marker.

And by nearly 12.30am we had become hungry again. So it was China (also in Northbridge) for some delicious, delicious beef brisket and fried ho fun. It also makes a delightful breakfast the next morning.

It’s moments like these that I realise that no matter how insular and navel-gazing Perth can be, it’s got a stomach for world cuisine. Yum.


2 thoughts on “Misguided palate

  1. recycledrose says:

    nick took me on a ’round the world tour’ for valentine’s day- chinese takeaway in the chinese gardens (thankyou murdoch uni), windmill in south perth for holland, moon and sixpence for england, belgium beer cafe for well.. you know, and lido restaurant for vietnamese

    • jessperriam says:

      Awww! So cute! Love the Chinese gardens at Murdoch. I used to be able to sneak a good view of it from some of the lecture theatres and tutorial rooms I was in at uni.

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