Teething problems

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October 5, 2010 by jessperriam

I felt a bump in the back of my mouth a few days ago… kind of like a popcorn kernel was stuck in my gums.

Except I couldn’t remember the last time I ate popcorn.

A finger in the back of my mouth discovered that indeed it wasn’t a popcorn chunk, nor was it going move.

After 25 years of existence, the dreaded wisdom teeth were making an appearance.

I’d heard the horror stories and I simply wasn’t interested in what they had to offer – pain, suffering and chipmunk-like bruises.

Did I feel any wiser with the addition of a new tooth-ish thing? Not really…

Ok, if you had to pressure me for an answer, I’d say perhaps a little bit wiser.

But my concern for chipmunk cheeks was far greater, so it was off the dentist I went.

I explained my discovery and the dentist was… chillaxed.

“I’ve looked at your date of birth and that would put you at 25 years old, yes?”

“Ungh -hungh….” was my in-chair reply.

“Well, most people if they’re going to get a full set of wisdom teeth, they will have fully come through by the time they’re 20.


“So this might be all that you’re going to get. Take panadol if it hurts and come back if it really gives you grief.”

Jess Perriam… mildly wise.


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