The world famous banoffee


September 18, 2010 by jessperriam

“Mmm…” is a sound I hear often when I’ve cooked dessert for my friends.

Quite often I hear nothing at all from my friends when I’ve cooked them dessert – they’re too busy wolfing it down.

Yes, I brag. I gloat. I become an absolute smuggins. My desserts rock.

My desserts are so memorable, people refer to past dinner parties as ‘the one where we had chocolate pots‘ or ‘the one where we had custard berry tarts‘.

But the most requested dessert, the one that gets bums on seats, and then begged for in the weeks, months and years afterwards is undoubtedly my banoffee.

It’s basically a biscuit base with toffee, banana with cream on top. Heart attack in a pie. But delicious nonetheless.

Mid - banoffee construction. Striving for aesthetic excellence

I did not invent banoffee, I am not the world authority on banoffee; but my banoffee brings all the boys to the yard.

I think people would make it themselves if it wasn’t for the fact that you need to boil a tin of sweetened condensed milk for three hours.

But the time spent watching a pot boil has the pay off in the grateful faces of those eating their first spoonful of the good stuff.

This is the bit where I say, despite the time investment, it’s actually bloody easy to make.

This is also the bit where I say that you can’t get the recipe from me unless you’re getting hitched. This is my traditional kitchen tea recipe gift. And before you say, ‘that’s sexist,’ I’ve never had any men beg me for the recipe. Anyway, I’m secretly hoping a man will one day ask for banoffee in return for his undying love and affection.

But yesterday I upped the ante. Instead of going the full pie sized banoffee I decided to individualise.

Out came three retro ramekins (they’re older than I am) and a mini pot (complete with lid).

Ramekins in a delightful shade of light mission brown.

And as an extra bit of individualisation, I put the initial of each banoffee recipient in crumbled chocolate, as opposed to sprinkling chocolate over it willy-nilly.

J is for JessyP

And let’s face it, the banoffee would be delicious even if it came in a styrofoam cup, but everyone was delighted to see their very own pie.

And like the best foods in the world – lasagna, pad thai – banoffee is best eaten the day after as leftovers. Preferably on the couch with a good friend and a good dvd.

But you’re still not getting the recipe.


2 thoughts on “The world famous banoffee

  1. Joey says:

    I’m getting hitched -November 5th to my beautiful gorgeous girl.
    I can haz recipe naows?


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