Going grey?


September 14, 2010 by jessperriam

I was walking my four-year-old niece home from kindergarten yesterday. Aunty Jess was on babysitting duties. Heaven help the children.

Before I left the house with her little sister, I made a startling discovery as I brushed my hair. I wanted to gauge her thoughts on this…

“Hey cheeky monkey, I found out something bad this afternoon…”

“What happened Aunty Jess?”

“I found some grey hairs…”

“Why is this bad?”

“Because it makes me look like an old lady!”

“Oh… ”

So clearly no horror reactions from the pre-school market. This is good.

Still looking for a reaction, I marched up to my mum with my hand holding my hairline back.


“What am I looking at?”

“My hair! I have some grey hairs!”

“Yeah, so what? I can’t even see them.”

I surely thought my Dad would have something to say about it.

In return, I got a big old belly laugh.

“I can’t see them, and even if I could, if you have to hold your hair back for us to see it, it’s not really there, is it?”

Fair call.

But just for the players at home, can you see my grey hairs?:

Can you see the grey?

I’m not too worried about the new grey hairs… they’ll fall out. And even if a few more replace them, it’s kind of cool to have a Cruella deVille style patch of grey… isn’t it? And it would be kind of cool to be a legitimately grey nomad… at the age of 25, wouldn’t it?

Leave your condescending premature ageing jokes in the comments box…


9 thoughts on “Going grey?

  1. mandy says:

    adam’s gots lots of them. least you not loosing it

  2. Lisa says:

    Hahah! I love the fact that all the sponsored adverising is for hair treatments.
    I was in the hairdressers a few years ago when a hairdresser found one. She squealed and called over all the other ladies in the salon! They all grabbed at my hair and squealed some more! Haha – the joy!
    I can’t believe Freya is 4. And Morrigan is 1?! Far out. We are getting old. Break out the zimmer frames!!

  3. Elisabeth Ford says:

    Don’t worry Jess your Aunty Jane went grey in her early 20’s and shes managed to hide it well with hair colour all these years….. I’ve been finding grey hairs for years, they are still appearing randomly though, not in big clumps to make them really stand out!! Aunty Lis

    • jessperriam says:

      Yeah, Granma keeps banging on about how she went grey in her 20s. I just assumed that’s what so many kids in quick succession did to you! Speaking of Aunty Jane, I need to ask her if she was working at the winery when a hen’s weekend from hell swung past about a month ago…

  4. Jacob Black says:

    Do you get hot flushes too? Maybe it’s ‘the change’ 😛

  5. jessperriam says:

    No hot flushes. Just plain hot 😛

  6. Katie says:

    I like to refer to mine as natural blonde :0

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