What if you don’t want to go to your high school reunion?


September 13, 2010 by jessperriam

I missed a somewhat important piece of correspondence while I was travelling.

a few years too early...

Let’s face it: when you return to a stack of bank statements, credit card offers and charity newsletters, an invite to a school reunion is a little less banal.

However… it’s been eight years since I graduated. Not exactly a milestone amount of time. And a reunion of a batch of classes? Lame… Although five years worth of former students, it does give you a handy excuse to throw out the ‘do I know you?’ line.

Anyway. I had a brilliant alibi – I was in France at the time. How exotic.

But still they wanted the goss. The lowdown. The haps on me.

The reverse side of the card had a wee questionnaire (and being the verbose young lady I am I couldn’t help but fill it in):

They asked...

I think I had an approval motif going on there. Mostly because there was a bit of a guilt complex going on during those years.

We wore grey at my high school. Grey and yellow to be exact. And you know what they say – you are what you… wear?

Valuable life lessons were taught with a slightly biased bent. The issue of abortion was taught with the anti team coming in a handing out jellybean sized foetus models. The pro-choicers never got a look in.

There was a severe lack of condoms and bananas because abstinence was the answer.

Rumour has it the principal at the time had a guesstimate of 4 per cent of the student population being gay. I say ‘rumour has it’ because that’s all I remember it being.

I got detention once for wearing the wrong length socks. True story. I wish I could get that hour of my life back.

The evolution part of Human Biology was taught with a ‘this is just a theory’ bent. This was in the pre- Intelligent Design days.

On the bright side, I have many wide and varying tales of Christian Education classes over the years including rapping teachers (who should know better), watching Wayne’s World instead of learning about God (more than once in a year), and making fake blood out of cornflour, water and red food colouring (something to do with tabernacles). God and I are cool, but it wasn’t through any work of the teachers.

I remember being incredibly curious about the outside world but feeling like there wasn’t approval to even ask the questions. It’s not that I wanted to binge drink, smoke pot or sleep around while I was in high school  – it just wasn’t me, still isn’t.

I don’t think I would have really wanted to go to my high school reunion (from all accounts it sounded like a dud anyway) even if I was in Perth.

Call me cynical some of my best friends are from high school (or friends of high school friends) but ironically we really started hanging out after high school. When I’m in Perth, almost every weekend is a high school reunion for me. The rest of my high school peers? Well, I’d say hi to them if I bumped into them on the street… but I just don’t have the desire to relive those days. I don’t desire to find out who’s doing what and where. The mystery and the distance is enough for me.

Am I a Bad Person (registered trademark) for holding these views?


One thought on “What if you don’t want to go to your high school reunion?

  1. […] was a year that was rather forgettable. I was in Year 12 at the school that was having its reunion a few weeks back. I wasn’t focussed in my last year there – I’d won a scholarship […]

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