Cop city or medic town?

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September 11, 2010 by jessperriam

The Roman summer heat coupled with the sheer density of tourists gave rise to a new travel theory for me.

The whine of sirens every time I made my way to the Roma Centrale Statzione, or every time I tried to sleep seemed to cement this theory.

Each city is either a police car city or an ambulance city. There is always an overabundance of one over the other.

‘Well, which is Rome?’ Ambulance city. Probably due to many, many Vespa accidents from tourists trying to recreate their own Roman Holiday moment.

A bit further up the road in Florence ambulances also reign supreme. There a loads of steps and the sun is especially burning in July so I reckon heat exhaustion may be a great diagnosis.

London? Now that’s a cop city. I can’t explain why, but wherever you are, you will be interrupted by police cars: marked, unmarked, motorbike police. And they always travel in packs. True story.

Cairo is too busy to have one or the other. It’s a chaos city.

Edinburgh in August has an ambulance screeching past every two seconds. Ask a local why and they’ll say that yet another tourist has had a cobblestone induced injury. I’d believe that too.

Paris is probably a police car city but I can’t tell you for sure, travelling by the Metro means you’re too far underground to notice. And at night the apartment I was in had great double glazing. Brilliant.

What about you? Have you ever noticed anything like that about a city or am I just a little too observant?


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