The great divide


September 9, 2010 by jessperriam

When you’re 25 and in a little-big country town called Perth, Western Australia you fall into one of two camps on most things:

You’re married or… you’re not.

You own a house in Lower East Mongolia (read: outer, outer suburbia)… or you don’t.

You have children or you plan to have children or… you get the heebie jeebies at the thought of being responsible for another life, let alone a small, incredibly breakable one.

You have a respectable job, a good car and prospects or… you’re still trying to figure it all out, or maybe you thought you figured it all out but then you needed to rethink the whole scenario – having a quarterlife crisis if you will.

The older you get the more people fall into Column A. And the more people residing in Column B feel slightly defective. A Perth fail, if you will.

I have no desire to be feeling defective. But I have no desire to fall into column A. Oh Lordy, none whatsoever. I think I have a wee bit of vom vom at the thought of a 4 bed 2 bath in Wellard (described by someone as ‘the posh part of Kwinana’ – true story).

But the 4×2 is the be all and end all in Perth. Working for the weekend and the mortgage.

Me? No interest.

The thought of being tied down to a mortgage (although it is a nice enforced savings account) freaks me.

The marriage thing is just not on the radar and I’m cool with that – I like being accountable to me and my whim. If someone comes along, then cool. But don’t expect me to be hanging around the virtual halls of RSVP, Oasis or eHarmony.

And kids, well we’ve discussed that already.

But it’s this weird kind of mid-20s version of peer pressure, I feel like I should be doing this. Because everyone else is.

So I’m being my stubborn self. Working for myself, for the adventure and for the sheer thrill of flying by the seat of my pants.

I’m going stick to the B-side of the great divide and I’m cool with that.  I want stories to tell the (eventual) grandkids. I want experience over assets. I want the joy that comes with doing something you love over something you do for security.

Best to do it now rather than spend decades wondering…


2 thoughts on “The great divide

  1. Clare Day says:


    thats what your 30’s are for, to do the marriage babies mortgage palaver…. your young still, go experience LIFE! Its all still there when your ready for it, or when its ready for you.

    dont ever wish for something just because you think your have to. it always ends in depression and feeling inadequate. Strive for what YOU want, what makes your heart and mind (and voice) sing with joy, not what society or peer pressure makes you think that you want. That never leads to fulfillment, and always leads to choosing the wrong path.

    Everything happens for a reason and the way its supposed to FOR YOU.

    You are totally awesome and im so envious of your adventures 😀

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