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August 27, 2010 by jessperriam

I’ve neglected you kids for a while.

It’s ok. There was a bit of same, same but different.

Same indecision.

Same aimless wandering.

Different city, move expensive aimless wandering when you have Fringe Festival gigs to keep you entertained… and poor… and sleep deprived!

But that’s why I love Edinburgh, sleep deprivation and excitement go hand in hand to produce a goofy grin!


In the past 48 hours I’ve talked to people and had experiences that have pointed me in the direction of making a decision.

See, I can make decisions faster than the people Australians elected to represent them. Perhaps I should run for parliament one day under the slogan, “Swift, decisive action”?

Ok… I guess I was hardly swift either. But swifter.

All you need to know is next week I’ll be putting my backpacks down and not picking them up for quite a while. At least a month. I reckon.

I reckon I’m pulling random phrases out of my backside to add to the non-existent mystique. Sucked in.

Get excited. I am.


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