August 17, 2010 by jessperriam

I don’t normally say how much I enjoyed a news.com.au article.

But this one had me smiling.

I reckon it’s probably the fact that I was wearing my Volleys as I read this and I’m still wearing them as I write this. They’re one of two pairs of shoes I currently own.

It’s also possibly the fact that Americans are paying double the amount in a boutique for what I paid about $29.99 for at the local Kmart.

And they’re pink. New Yorkers can’t even get their humble Volleys in pink (yet).

Mine are a little worse for wear (read: filthy with cracking rubber soles).

My beaten, bloodied and bruised volleys

But they’ve been on one hell of an adventure. They’ve climbed a mountain in the Faroe Islands (where they sustained a fair bit of mud), they were worn constantly for a fortnight in Egypt (dusty times), they walked up and down the Istiklal in Istanbul, saw a hell of a lot of Albania,  survived a 12 kilometre hike in Burgundy, France and have done their time on the mean streets of Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Manchester and here in Dublin.

Yes, I am such a smuggins about my Volleys.

My Dad has worn Volleys since… well since they weren’t really that cool to wear. To be fair, they were never uncool to wear, just less cool. Around… the ’90s? He’s always gone between the blue or the green ones. But I secretly harbour this strange notion that every time he slips on his Volleys to potter about in the garden, that really he’s thinking of his sportier days in the ’70s at the Nollamara Tennis Club, no doubt sporting a pair of Volleys himself.

Somewhere in Perth, there’s half a pair I painted yellow and orange with racing stripes no less, back in 2004. I can’t remember why on earth I did it, but it was awesome to pimp the Volleys.

There are moments where they lose their awesomeness. When you walk on rocky ground, it’s kind of like you’re walking barefoot, they have that little foot support. But when I look at people put on their super expensive hiking boots in Egypt, France and here in Ireland, I have to giggle. My feet are holding up well after nearly three months in these shoes, they’re not difficult to pack away and they need zero maintenance.

I’m at the point where they look slobby and I really do need some new shoes. But I cannot bear to part with them, they’re like family. In shoe format.

Walk a mile in my shoes and all that…

Filthy, just filthy


4 thoughts on “Volleymania

  1. Mandy says:

    Let me know where I can mail to you and I’ll send you a new pair if you would like 🙂

    • jessperriam says:

      Oh wow! Too kind! Will let you know when I have a fixed address and I’ll also fix you up for the postage. cos that’d be mighty expensive. I know… I’ve sent TimTams overseas before.

  2. Carol Perriam says:

    I love the post and I also know where the orange one is.

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