Where are you Lady Haha?


August 10, 2010 by jessperriam

Fringe fliers, tickets, booklets

I like to laugh. I like to laugh until I cry and lose my breath.

So it was great to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and check out a few of the comedy acts on offer.

There were some laughs to be had with Tripod’s latest show; along with some great improvised comedy and; a surprise hour of hilarity in Robert White – a one man gay, Asperger’s, Welsh angry man act.

But there were also some misses in an Australian stand up who missed the mark with twincest and necrophilia gags (that show was evacuated, much to our relief), and an Irish one woman cabaret that I just didn’t get.

And there were some excellent free or five pound shows, fostering new talent. Yet the vast majority of those cheap shows, full of young, aspiring comedians were men. And come to think of it, most of the posters wallpapering Edinburgh and the fliers littering her streets had faces of men in various stages of LOL.

This isn’t a feminist rant, I’m not having a Germaine Greer moment.

There were a few posters for girl acts, but they all basically revolved around women talking about their sexual history in a mildly humorous way.

Are women really that unfunny? Are they so unworthy of cracking a decent joke that they have to play the sex card?

I don’t mind who makes me laugh, but I wish the playing field was a little more equal. I wish I could see a girl have a crack at stand up without referring to her sex life or her lady parts as if it’s a point of difference.

Ok, that rant’s over but my other bone of contention is with comedians who look serious on their posters. Why would I want to pay money to see a man try and make me laugh if he can’t even be bothered to be somewhat amusing on his poster?

In all seriousness, I had a blast at the Fringe. I took in about a dozen shows over three days, barely slept and almost got run over jay walking more times than I care to remember.

Life is good when you laugh lots.


2 thoughts on “Where are you Lady Haha?

  1. Jacob says:

    Great read again, and interestingly, you’ve touched on a subject that news.com.au ran an opinion piece about last week, they even used the headline ‘Are women really that unfunnny’!

  2. recycledrose says:

    hi jess- i have often thought about that too.. Also, have you noticed how many of the good female comedians are unattractive? Very few attractive female comedians out there!

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