Knowing how to live


August 4, 2010 by jessperriam

The highest compliment I’ve had in a while came at an unexpected moment one Sunday afternoon. And no, it had nothing to do with Turkish men (thank goodness).

There were 10 of us travelling around the French countryside. Some family, some friends of the family. I’ve known most of them since I was a scared rabbit 17 year old exchange student.

My French is broken. But not broken enough to make the odd joke (and faux pas).

It’s no surprise that I like beer. I’ve told the story of the workplace beer club Fridays enough times that it gets the point very much across.

I’d been staying with my friend in Paris for a week and the story had come out. Over the weekend, she told her Dad. He thought it was the best idea ever.

But every time there was a pression of beer on offer, I was expected to go for it. Not just have a panache (read: Shandy) like the ladies.

So there I was, 3pm Sunday, late lunch in the village famous for being used as a location for the film Chocolat.

A pression of Leffe in the late afternoon, eating only salad (a big one, but a salad nonetheless) makes me mildly Cadbury. Needless to say, I was merry.

“Jess, tu as… savoir vivre!” said my friend’s dad, looking at my friend to explain.

“He means… you know how to live really well.”

Drinking beer = living well. Hmmm…

Must tell that to the beer club.


One thought on “Knowing how to live

  1. […] is remarkable just for being her, and I’ve got savoir-vivre so we were comfortably in the achieving quite a lot category. She asked me a lot of […]

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