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July 28, 2010 by jessperriam

Confession time.

I’m in Paris and I haven’t been to the Louvre.

I have however been to another museum which is full of…

30 years of video games... and nerds

I saw the posters for the exhibition on the Metro and I’ve had it in the back of my mind to go there just in case… well I don’t need to justify these things, do I? A few years back I went to a similar sounding exhibition in Melbourne and that was pretty cool.

But there were moments where I really began to feel my age.

Just as an example… Super Mario Brothers (Original NES version…) was by far the hardest game get a turn at playing. I could slowly feel myself turning into the eight year-old version of myself, anger slowly bubbling away at my brother who was taking his sweet arse time to give me a turn (whoa! repressed childhood moment live and direct from 1993!) The game was being hogged by the ten year olds who had no idea about Warp Zones and so they kept dying at World 1-4.

Shit. Showing my nerdiness. But here’s where I show off my prowess with a picture of making it to the second warp zone…

The things your brain remembers how to do...

I would have made it further, but time was up, the security guard was literally tapping me on the shoulder – you only get 1 1/2 hours of retro game awesome time.

I can already feel the shame from afar. But hey, I was born in the ’80s! It’s ok to reminisce. Admit it, if someone were to hook up an old school Nintendo to your TV, there would be fights over who would be Mario and who would be stuck being Luigi.

Yeah. I won that argument.

I was by far the least-nerdy looking adult there… No really, I’m cool.

But just to prove I’ve been getting out in the Parisian sunshine:

A man painting the Eiffel Tower

I wish the line was spelling out a dirty word...

Look! Cyclists!


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