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July 25, 2010 by jessperriam

There’s no easy way to say this.

Thanks for reading my blog, it rocks to see the stats each day – they’re just numbers, as I was constantly reminded at work – but it’s heartening to know that you take an interest in wherever I happen to be (sometimes making a class idiot of myself). I love to read your comments, and I love hearing people compliment me for my (somewhat) witty prose.

Let’s face it: I love a bit of flattery (admit it, so do you)


For the time being, this blog is my job. Or at least it’s the only thing I’m doing that has a thread of similarity to my career (radio/online journalism, if you didn’t already know). The job doesn’t pay, but it’s rewarding. I love words, I love playing with words. I don’t want to imagine my life in any other way right now.

This isn’t a plea for money. Rest assured, my bank balance is fine. And if it wasn’t, I have assets to sell such as my car or… ex-boyfriend jewellery.

This is me saying, that if you enjoy reading this then please, please tell your friends, your family and your semi-literate pet dog. Please comment, please interact. Give me some linky love on Facebook, twitter, or get some spraypaint and scrawl the URL on the side of a building (then take a photo and email it to me).

And if you happen to know people who know people who could pay me, then you know what to do…



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