Dear Turkish men,


July 6, 2010 by jessperriam

Thanks for taking an interest in Jess.

We value your interest and your compliments. We especially value your offers of apple tea.

However, it may be helpful to set out some guidelines from the outset to help you best deal with Jess.

Jess will:

*drink your apple tea
*drink your beer
*make polite conversation with you
*watch World Cup matches with you.

Jess won’t:

*meet you for lunch
*kiss you (or anything more than that)
*respond kindly to your wanting to read 12th Century Islamic romantic poetry with offers of staying the night.

Jess is concerned that you may say that she is beautiful but you don’t really mean it. For Jess, beauty is more than skin deep. And until you say that after you get to know her, she won’t really believe you think she’s beautiful. Just saying.

Jess isn’t snobby. Just discerning. She doesn’t trust easily and will only really give of herself once you’ve given some of yourself. But once that happens you’ve made a friend for life.

Many thanks,


PS. Asking for a phone number or a kiss on the streets of Sultanahmet at 1.30am just won’t work. Especially if Jess is running away from the guy who was reading the poetry…


5 thoughts on “Dear Turkish men,

  1. Clare Day says:

    awww reading of 12th Century Islamic poetry – sounds awfully romantic 🙂

    good on ya though, dont want to end up a sex slave!

  2. Mandy says:

    Poor Jess. I’d be running away too.

  3. recycledrose says:

    haha that’s hilarious! at least its flattering.. and makes a good blog story!

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