Egypt in pictures


July 4, 2010 by jessperriam

I have so many pictures from Egypt. I haven’t even bothered to cull them down to something presentable. That’s due to one part laziness, one part laundry to be done, and another (fairly large) part just wanting to laze in crazy Egyptian hotel rooms watching episodes of Mad Men.

I could show you pictures from the Pyramids, or of the Sphinx. I could post some snaps from the painstakingly reconstructed Abu Simbel Temple (“only 50 kms from the Sudanese border!” said the bus driver, excitedly). I could give you a few pictures to show you what it’s like to float down the Nile.

But there are some even better pictures from my camera that I want to show you.

And I didn’t take them.

We were driving from Luxor (hellish tourist town that drove me to distraction and diarrhoea) to the Dakhla Oasis, in essence starting our ‘middle of nowhere’ portion of the two week trip.

We pulled off the side of the highway – everyone was thankful, the van driver had a need for speed. We drove through some trees and came to rest at a house next to a spring.

We were greeted by a twelve year old Bedouin girl who motioned for us to sit down, she started pulling out plastic chairs to place around the table.

Our tour leader Gandhi (because he looks like Gandhi and plus ‘half of Egypt is called Mohammed’) told us we could have a look around while lunch was being made.

She latched onto me and grabbed my camera and in between taking snaps she would yell, “Come here!” so she could show me something else. Like a pump… or a cow.

Spring at Tharga Oasis

Look! It's a cow!

The pumping station at Tharga

Teaching them the self portrait shot early...

And this is my favourite photo of the lot.

Her self portrait

Egypt was great. But it’s one of those places that you can go for the temples and the pyramids and the hieroglyphics. Or you can go there for the people, their experiences and their stories.

I have countless ticket stubs for museums, temples and tombs. But these photos mean more.

Thanks Egypt, we will meet again someday, inshallah


One thought on “Egypt in pictures

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    It sounds like you had a ball can’t wait to see the rest of your pics.
    love mum

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