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July 3, 2010 by jessperriam


It’s been a while. Sort of. A few days… maybe a week. Just so you know, I’m not sorry I deserted you for a while.

So… Here’s the past week in bullet points (because I’m LAZY!)

*I’m at the end of my two week sauna and detox tour of Egypt. More about the detox later.

* Have had an overnight trip on a felucca (remember, big sailing boat thingy?). It was quite possibly the most peaceful experience of my life. There’s nothing quite like floating down the Nile, watching the world go by, getting lost in your own thoughts. Life is pretty much perfect.

* I then spent two days in Luxor. Busy, touristy, hassleful (look! I made up a word!). I felt like doing serious harm to someone who asked me if I wanted taxis, horse rides, scarves, jewellery. Egyptian markets… they’re a story for another day.

* Then I ate something bad. And there we have detox time. I could go down a path of too much info, but suffice to say the day where you’re driving to the desert camp is not a good day to be ill and wiped out.

*Rural Egypt is lovely and friendly. But people still look at you strangely if you decide to walk everywhere.

*Alexandria is like Miami. Or at least what I imagine Miami to be like.

And that’s about it really. There’ll be more anecdotes to expand on soon (when I find wi-fi for added picture goodness). But I just thought you’d like to know I’m not dead. Or sold off for a few camels.


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