Dear Faroe Islands,


June 15, 2010 by jessperriam

Tak, tak and a thousand times tak!

You were bitterly cold, had a severe lack of night time and had a language best described as the Swedish Chef language.

Vestmanna Cliffs, Faroe Islands, June 2010

Your people are kind and hospitable, greatly aware of yet unfazed by the beauty that surrounds them day after day.

Thank you for being the one place left in the Western World where people don’t lock their doors and they let their children play in the streets.

Gjov, Faroe Islands June 2010

Thank you for your lack of “Warning” and “Keep Out” signs. Yes, if I want to wander around cliff faces, safe in the knowledge that someone accepts my ability to know when it’s unsafe, then I will.

Sheep by the North Atlantic, Faroe Islands, June 2010

Faroese Sheep, June2010

Thanks for sheep, waterfalls, and oystercatchers, in no particular order.

Cheers for blessing me with a lack of mobile phone service and an absence of big name corporations.

In awe of the sheer scale of the Faroe Islands, June 2010

I am pinching myself that you exist and if it weren’t for photographs and other little memories, I would almost think you were pulling my leg.

Love Jess.


4 thoughts on “Dear Faroe Islands,

  1. Carol Perriam says:

    There are still a lot of gems to be found in this world and you have only just scratched the surface. Enjoy the other gems that you will come across.

  2. Emma Wynne says:

    Yay for photos! Loving the blog Jess, keep writing. :+)

  3. Clare Day says:

    wow it sounds like bliss. I wonder if they have any need for wedding photographers there?

  4. laurenholyoake says:

    looks beautiful jess!

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