Pictureless postcard


June 8, 2010 by jessperriam

Dear friends, well-wishers and associates,

Hi from the Faroe Islands. I can’t be bothered explaining where they are again (Oh, alright, get your world map, find Iceland, find Scotland… they’re somewhere in between).

It’s summer here. That means it’s a balmy 12 degrees Celsius. I have heard 15 degrees Celsius referred to as ‘baking heat’. Yep, toasty.

I don’t have pictures to post yet because:

a)  there are so many I don’t know where to start.

b) I have internet access, but not to my laptop where all the photos are stored.

c) I like teasing you and keeping you in suspense.

But here are some things you should know about the Faroes:

1. It’s like Melbourne: fog one minute, sunshine the next, rain later on. Rinse, lather, repeat.

2. People here drink coffee like water. They mostly drink it black though.

3. They have a brewery here, I have tasted their delicious pilsner.

4. There are sheep everywhere, just roaming around and stuff. If one walks onto the road, you must brake. If you run it over, it’s your fault.

Here’s what I did today:

1. I wandered around Torshavn, the capital city. I saw the Prime Minister’s office, the Prime Minister drove past (twice!) and I saw the Parliament building. All within half an hour.

2. I bought a hat made from Faroese wool. I needed to keep my noggin nice and warm.

3. I went for a drive around the winding, narrow hills. Saw sheep, waterfalls and green, green grass.

4. Had Faroese beer by the harbour.

5. Climbed a mountain at 8pm. Came back by 10pm. Whinged the entire way up, congratulated myself the entire way down.

I know I set some fairly ambitious goals to achieve while in the Faroes and I haven’t achieved them yet. I haven’t seen a puffin (dead or alive), nor have I had soup on a boat. But I am having fun.

Amazing photos will come soon, or else I will bore you with an old school slide night when I get back.




3 thoughts on “Pictureless postcard

  1. Clare Day says:

    AWESOME! sounds like heaven on earth 😀

  2. Carol Perriam says:

    The sweet sound of your voice is music to the ears. Keep having fun I am sure the puffins are there somewhere.
    love mum.

  3. […] hopped on the train to Liverpool to visit my friend Karolina (previously featured in Faroe Islands posts ), and go to the Iron & Wine […]

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