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May 30, 2010 by jessperriam

“Consider bringing some post cards/pins/ of your hometown to give to local people,” said the trip notes for one of my overseas tours.

Easier said than done, I reckon.

When faced with the challenge of buying some postcards to pack in my backpack, I was stumped.

The fact that I needed to pick a card that summed up my home, my life was crazy. You don’t buy postcards of the place you live!

And when browsing through racks of postcards in souvenir shops it became even more of a challenge. The racks were full of vistas that didn’t mean anything to me.

Let me clarify that: Western Australia means a lot to me, and I have been to most, if not all the places on the postcards. There was just no… talking points or stories behind them.

The thing that freaked me out the most? The vast majority of the postcards had no people in them. They were static. They were passive, rather than active. I don’t want to show people a lot of empty – albeit  picturesque – landscapes.

I picked two postcard designs that showed the state’s beauty, that didn’t have pictures from the 1990s or tacky fonts.

But then I wondered. If I had the time or the wherewithal to create my own postcard of Perth/Fremantle/Western Australia what the heck would I put on it?

I suppose I would replace Cottesloe Beach with Mosman Beach and think of all the Sunday sunsets spent just thinking and wandering through my thoughts.

I would almost certainly add a lively picture of the Little Creatures end of  Fremantle, as well as the West End to remind me of leisurely afternoons spent relaxing and unwinding and just being.

I would show off the wide open road that greets you an hour in any direction out of Perth. True freedom is the sense of satisfaction as you leave the metropolis for an as yet unmet adventure.

I would show people enjoying a wine or the view from the South West. The kind of view you share with your favourite allies on a weekend down south just enjoying one another’s company.

I may also add a lovely picture of a few people strolling an otherwise deserted beach around Albany or Denmark. For the old romantic in me.

There would be a picture of people enjoying The Basin on Rottnest Island for good measure. We all need the jewel in the tourism crown, after all.

That’s my postcard and it sure beats the hell out of a token picture of  Perth city skyline.


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